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There once was a man by the name of yakeefan1a. He had joined in the very early days of the server, around April of 2011 or so. He was brave, noble, and very very mature. he spent most of his days listening to Rush, Beatles, daft punk, deadmau5, and Pink Floyd, but the real thing that he would do that was his main focus was make leather pants. He was brilliant with crafting them, each cow died for that pair of pants and they didn't care if they died because they knew people would enjoy their comfort. one day yakee was in the wilderness when suddenly he found the most beautiful cow ever. The cow was said to have had blonde hair that moved so nicely in the air. He knew he needed to have her. He knew deep down in his heart that if he got that leather from her, it would be the very best pants he would of ever made. He took her hand by the hand and rode off in his automobile. He gave her love and care for over 17 years, but at one point he grew tired saying things such as "why am i helping a cow?" and "what a terrible mistake i have made". He knew that those leather pants would be good and he couldn't wait any longer so he went into her room to kill her when he found that she was pregnant. He had a flashback to the night when the party was going on. He remembered doing it with the cow because of how drunk he was. He drove the cow to the hospital and had the baby that he had made would be the last of the ancient race - The Cowmen. It's name was Hitsuharu and then he killed her off, and made the pants. In the end he knew they were not worth all the trouble.