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Upon warping to town.

Willimantic means "Good cedar swamp" and is a town currently in construction by Timotheus and Grudge, with the occasional help of nonanon, on the Towns map.

Owned by the graceful and fair dictator for life of the town, Timotheus, the town is still a recent venture and has a lot of work left to do with it.

As of now the town currently has two complete houses, and a pub. It also holds an incomplete Inn and Town Hall, both of which are scheduled to be done by the end of June.

Once the Inn and Town Hall are complete, plots will be made and the t

own will be opened up for other to join. If you are interested please contact Timotheus and he will get you the proper zoning permits.

Legend also has it that Willimantic was built upon a sunken castle, that once ruled these parts. The signs are all around.....


Town FeaturesEdit

  • Willimantic Pub
  • Inn
  • Willimantic Civic Center
  • Various Fan Boats
  • Homes on Stilts
  • Various switches hidden around town that when activated open up a secret passage


Photos of the town


Dev LogEdit

7/17/2012 8:19 PM. Finished the throne rooms outline, and half the floor along with most of the pillars. PHEW, glad thats done. We also have a storage room finally, and got all of the annoying chests out of the way. Working on getting the store up and running but all things considered im happy with where things are going. This week is going to be dedicated to the mines and gathering materials for a big push to finish up the throne room, and then rework some of the houses in town. I'm setting a personal goal of having the town "soft finished" before the end of the month.

Soft finished meaning besides renovations, all major buildings are done.

7/8/2012 2:25 AM. Finally got my butt in gear on working on the town today, and I did WAY to much. I've been having trouble sleeping though so that doesn't surprise. So today I completed a few things in the sunken temple, like making the ceilings look nice. (I hate ceilings) I also made a general store for the town, now if I could only figure out how to get stores to work and whats worth selling that might actually be good.

I've also started the throne room, and finished the library. I've let laz3rman and Dantheman move into town, laz3r making his own house, and Dan having a house. Hopefully it goes well, if not I'll whip out the bulldozer. This town is a dictatorship anyway :P But it should go fine.

OH, almost forgot, I setup the town secret system so there are now 3 levers in town that most be pulled to get the entrance to the underground to open. Come patch I can add a bunch of stores besides this. Anyway, I have a few good ideas for the town itself to finish up the swamp feel. (Can you see bog witch-hut)

To do list.

  • Spiderwebs
  • More trees and making the swamp look swamp like
  • Throne room
  • Being awesome.

6/28/2012 2:30 PM. Server downtime (Which is a first that I've seen). Things have been going well on the construction of Willimantic, the town is starting to come together in my opinion. The Inn is still a little bit of an eyesore, which I will address at some point but for now it will be ok. There are a few projects I'm dreading though. First and foremost I need to finish making the area a swamp, which requires planting trees underwater which is just a pain. And then I need to add vines in different places. It should have a good effect when it's done, but everytime I plant a tree and use bonemeal to grow it I get stuck inside it. Which is not cool.

The Sunken Castle is also coming along amazingly. It makes for a good sidetrack which will hopefully turn into a major selling point of the town with exploration. Especially if we can write books and I can fill the place with lore. :)

To do list for now.

  1. Finish up the swamp some
  2. Make tons of books for the moldy library
  3. Beg ASN to give me spiderwebs so I can make the library look creepy
  4. Partition off the rest of the area I want houses.
  5. Begin the reevalutation process on what I can make better.