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The current state of MoonPatch spawn

A once prosperous place in The End, The MoonPatch is now a barren wasteland of grass and cobble. After it was conquered The End was maintained by TheGemms and Hitsuharu and it was grown from one block of grass and fenced off to be entirely enderman-free. The MoonPatch is owned in part by EPIC and the CMC.

At one moment Taishiryu dissapeared completely from the server, although some signs indicate that he occasionally showed up near the moonpatch at night, only to leave disturbing signs.


The MoonPatch was violently griefed by Jboy6281 and TheFusion with lava buckets. Part of the damage was cleaned up by ASN, but the majority of the cobble scaffolding remains.



  • The MoonPatch is the only player-maintained spawn in ASS
  • It took several inventories of dirt to create, as well as a treefarm in The End

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