The Cowmen Clan (Not to be confused with the Cowmen Race), was a group of Chaos' finest warriors, led by the last Cowman Hitsuharu, and the last Shrooman, TheGemms. Now it is merely a shadow of it's former glory.

The BeginningsEdit

In ancient times, a great clan existed. This clan consisted of the Cowmen, a race that has been wiped out, excluding Hitsuharu, the last survivor. The Cowmen Clan was formed when Hitsuharu teamed up with Shorsand and TheGemms to form the "Cowmen Clan", a ressurection of the ancient Cowmen Race, also referred to often times as the Cowmen Clan. They devoted their lives to the destruction of all evildoers in Chaos and the protection of the Holy Wabbit: AS1LV3RN1NJA.

1.0/1.1 EraEdit

Many years ago existed a race of creatures known as the Cowmen. Due to disease and climate change, the Cowmen were wiped out. One last Cowman lived, Hitsuharu. To restore the honor that his family once had, he descended from the heavens of Towns and gathered TheGemms and Shorsand to form the Cowmen Clan. During the 1.0 era, their only goals were to destroy the evil MrGloover and his army, who threatened the little peace Chaos had. After the war, the clan stayed in Chaos to fend off pesky rebels such as Jboy6281 and his clan, "The Brotherhood". When their job was done, the Cowmen ascended into the heavens, believing Chaos was no longer in danger.

1.2.5 EraEdit

During the 1.2.5 Era, evildoers such as BBQ, Siilis108, Jboy6281, and TheFusion rose in Chaos. They challenged the world to war, and Chaos was more chaotic then ever before. Once more, the Cowmen descended from the heavens to regain control over the infant Chaos. The unstable land became peaceful for a time, however, that changed dramatically. Due to unexplainable voodoo techniques, Jboy6281 created many problems for the Cowmen. Done with war, the Cowmen went their seperate ways, leaving Chaos to rot for years to come.

The Cowmen TodayEdit

Today, former Cowmen Clan leader Hitsuharu lives in the heavens. Other members too, have ascended into the heavens or have gone their seperate ways. The Cowmen officially disbanded in the late times of the 1.2.5 era. They believed that the clan was a symbol of arrogance, and it simply caused more problems. Thus, Cowmen Leader Hitsuharu disbanded the clan, the great warriors spreading themselves around the lands of Chaos. Even today, the wanderers of Chaos hear the sounds of shotguns cocking, coming from the sky while exploring or walking through the fields.

Previous MembersEdit