Observe TheGemms in his natural habitat

TheGemms has a skin resembling a half-naked hominoid Mooshroom with "oddly distracting pink nipples".

(Pronounced: The Gh-emmz)

Chaos Beta 1.8Edit

TheGemms joined the server much after most other regulars of the server. He spent his first month or so playing in solitude, a one man wolf pack. He lived to see the fall of Loki. Later in chaos, he had a chance encounter with Hitsuharu and his group of five, entailing Jboy6281 and three others he can't remember the names of. After slaughtering all of them in a brutal 5 vs 1 battle in a mineshaft, he befriended Hitsuharu. That was the beginning of one of two dynamic duos that now rule Chaos 1.2 together.

TheGemms left ASS in late 1.0 due to other commitments, and left the ruling of Chaos to Hitsuharu and Shorsand.

Chaos 1.2Edit

In 1.2.5, TheGemms led the construction of The Great Wall of Chaos, and Fort Gemmso, and The MoonPatch in Chaos.

Before retiring from PVP, TheGemms was once the highest rated PVPer on ASS, with a KDR of 47 at the peak of his reign. Along with Hitsuharu he founded and led the Cowman Clan, which later became the CMC. Then for a while he headed his one man clan, GEM, as a peaceful builder in Chaos.

TheGemms lives in his base in The End, Moonshroom Base, along with his friend Officer_Perkins.

Now out of retirement, he joined E.P.I.C. and participated in The Day of Liberation.

Has been spotted several times while destroying iconic landmarks in chaos, see: Base destructions.


TheGemms co-founded EverGreen Estates with MrGloover.

He also owns a flower shop and a wool shop in the freebuild section of Borderlands.

TheGemms is permanantly banned from building in Elysium, due to to an incident involving a gigantic basement that resulted in the death of several citizens.