Owner of Fort Ferrum.

Joined the server around the end of July / start of August in Minecraft 1.6.6 and this is my story.

A Silver Server was, I think, the 4th or 5th server I had checked out. It was my first time playing multiplayer, and I grew attached in a short period of time. Before joining the server I was afraid of the destructive creepers, I was afraid of the zombie noises, the jumpy spiders and the archers. After 1 week of playing Chaos and getting killed a couple of times I could run trough a field of mobs and not even think of what I am doing.

The beginning.Edit

On the first day on the server I helped with the building of Molehaven, a Chaos city. After leaving town and thus the server for a few days I came back to see it griefed, blown up and mob infested. Started my own, solo life of Chaos. In time I got the status "Trusted" but didn't run to Towns, I continued to play Chaos. I was still a rookie, I had my problems with coordinates, so I had to remember my way to my base from head. Sometimes I got lost in the world of Chaos for many IRL days, looking for a place I know, looking for my base. I remember scouting the big bedrock wall (Chaos was at one point a big open box with bedrock on all sides). I was sick of walking around, so I decided to make a base and hide my things in it, I had found some diamonds on my way. I commited suicide after going insane from the loneliness. Funny thing is, I was looking for that base for a month after that, I was like a pirate who had lost his treasure. In time I met up with Greed and Luster in their lava walled fort called "Birchills". We defended and repaired it for around 2 months. In time we found new allies: Merlin_, Shorsand, yakeefan1a, KatNotDinner, iskiran, goofradema, and other players. We had some great fights against teams of people.

The siege and the end.Edit

Our biggest fight was with a team of 4-5 players. One of them used xray to find our chests, but we didn't get enough proof to ban the guy. We found their base, but didn't get any good loot. The next day I went to their griefed bases mine, and found their chests, they never did move too far away, just made a smaller base in their mine. A few days later they attacked us from our mine. Greed was killed, but Luster wasn't online at that moment. I was out of the fort so I rushed to it. I met up with Greed, Luster , Shorsand and other our allys and people who just wanted to have some fun. We stormed the Fort but found it empty. We saw one of their men running away, so we followed. We hunted him down and he was killed by Luster, who was wielding only a iron sword (Great PVP skills from that!). That was the last I heard of them, they have never been seen again. After this we had other battles with players and people who just wanted to mess with us.

At one point of the game we decided to make a backup base. We went to the farest corner of the map, dug down, made a base in bedrock level and started to make obsidian using a bug we found - Redstone could be turned to obsidian. The project was big, and the area was slime infested, so we didn't get too far with it.

In the end someone xrayed all our chests in Birchills but, luckely, at the same time ASN decided to reset Chaos for 1.7.3.


In 1.7.3 I had around 7 bases with mainly everyone who is now OP/Admin. We had our problems with xrayers, other gangs. We made a base that had a Church underground. This was by far the best base we had and we named it "Fort Ferrum". Sadly, the base was griefed by 2 xrayers and we moved out. Everything went up and down, good and bad. This map was the time in which I made friends, found enemys, learned the ways of Chaos, how to survive and how to fight, had my share of laughs, my share of rage.


After that 1.8 hit. The server was waiting for Bukkit to update so the server had a temporary chaos map. ASN set me up as Admin. Banned many, many xrayers and modders, had my fights with BBQ and his gang. Blew up huge holes with TNT, messed up iskiran's fort by planting trees in it. The 1st temporary map of 1.8 was mainly do-what-you-want thing. People spawn killed, used World Edit, made a obsidian town, blew up melons with TNT in spawn and on accident killing half of the people on the server (Sorry :P). After leaving the server for a week or so I came back to see it blown up, destroyed and griefed. I'm guessing it's after Roqual blew that 200x200 hole. I joined in the destruction with my own powers and blew up a few holes too, helped some chap mine diamond.

When ASN saw what was left of the map he reset it again. Me and someone else (Sadly I can't remember the name) found a mountain with a huge cave in it and a ravine. We made a town there, which was one of the biggest Chaos had seen by then. It grew fast but, was overrun by griefers too. In time we left it. After that I had my fights with xrayers (I was no longer Admin) and made bases with BBQ, Shorsand, Luster, Greed. In this map I met Taishiryu - The only man who has legitimately found our base, without the use of mods. Luckely, he decided to join us, not fight against us.

After Towns came back I started building Fort Ferrum and in time, BBQ joined me.

1.1 - Fort Ferrum, Admin and The End.Edit

We continued to build in Towns untill 1.1 came, then we played Chaos and Towns, building and fighting. Once again I was set up as Admin. Greed found the End portal and we were the 1st people on the server to go in it. To our surprise we found 8 enderdragons trying to kill us. After a retreat (TP away and hope ASN doesn't see it) we tried again, and this time ASN let me teleport everyone who wanted to the End. A massive fight of 15 people against the Enderdragons started, snowballs, arrows and flying admins everywhere. ShanefromWales rode dragons, I rode ASN, but ASN rode other people. The pictures can be found on the subreddit, if they are not added here. Of course, we won. In time me and BBQ switched to Towns since Chaos was empty, everyone wanted some Towns after the 1-2 months of Temporary Chaos.

1.2 - The real End.Edit

When 1.2 came we played Chaos, continued to build Ferrum, I kept banning xrayers and modders until the point when I lost my internet connection.

1.3 - I'm back!Edit

Came back, after summer inactivity and just in time for 2012 Survival. Made my base with BBQ, sieged KingdomWar, had my fun. Nothing much to say, other than a lot of mining and pvp madness. Good times!