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Spring 2011

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Ragdoll139's usual skin


Ragdoll139 has been playing on the server for longer than he can remember. This is not down to poor memory, just it's been a while.

His first steps on the Silver Server were in the old PVP map. Usually found in Towns or any world he can build in peace. Since the creation of the current Towns map he has been the mayor of the town of Magrathea.

Known projectsEdit

Magrathea - Founded at the birth of the Towns map.

The Emperor's Retreat - Founded in the days of the "Towny" plugin when there was an emperor of Survival (later Towns)

Being Emperor - Was given the title of Emperor because nobody else could be bothered. Dethroned on removal of Towny

The Alliance Underground - Construction started by Alliance members while Towny was running and later abandoned. Revived June/July 2013 by Ragdoll139, there are now a few stations and a plan for the full network.

Other builds are usually small-scale, within other towns. They tend to have witty names, if he may say so himself.

Known associatesEdit

Ragdoll is good friends in real life with Thorowin and Legopad, and used to go to school with members of the PUDDI clan in PVP and Yazirian Town in Towns, including As5a5sinn and TomXHutch, long since left or banned. He used the account of a friend at first using the username MZenithD.

Other informationEdit

While Ragdoll139 is usually helpful and friendly, he should not be allowed TNT. He likes using redstone (though has no idea what he's doing with it), and rail lines. He appears to believe that all times are Morning. His standard greeting can be accessed using /rag in the command prompt.


Ragdoll139's statue in Creative (centre)