Portside Place Posh aPartments (and Condominiums) is a mid-rise (the fifth floor is the roof access) apartment and condominium complex in Grand Rapids currently being designed by Mtndewy. Design and construction started in July of 2013, and is expected to finish in August or early September of the same year.

Early DevelopmentEdit

The complex is planned to be constructed mostly from stained hardened clay, which was introduced to the game with 1.6. Even though, at the time of writing this, the server hasn't updated to 1.6 due to Bukkit not being ready, Mtn started designing using purple and cyan wool. When the server updates the wool is likely to be replaced with hardened clay (light blue, blue, or cyan) using WorldEdit.


The name Portside Place comes from the fact that Mtndewy's first big solo project in Towns was Portside. "Posh" comes from the idea that Grand Rapids is supposed to be a wealthy -- 'posh' -- town. "aPartments" was added when I started writing this article, because I like the way it sounds. "(and Condominums)" comes from the fact that it really has condos, not apartments.


There are five projected floors. The first floor will have a lobby and a restaurant; Creeperhead Bar and Grille of Grand Rapids. The second floor will have either two large condos, or a large condo and a fitness center. The third floor will have two large condos. The fourth floor will have a massive penthouse -- which is to be called the Server Owner's Penthouse -- and the fifth will just have access to the rooftop garden.