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The Fountain of Wealth, in the north wing of Moonshroom Base

This base in Chaos is the home of TheGemms and Officer_Perkins. It is considered to be E.P.I.C. territory.

The base is located far from the main island in The End, (aproximately 2K) and is thus virtually unable to be found without cheating.

The unofficial rule of the base is that no diamond that enters the base is allowed to leave.


  • Storage room
  • Enchanting table
  • Brewing room
  • Melon farm
  • Sugarcane farm
  • Furnace area



  • The bridge to the base took several days to make and destroy
  • Several deaths were had in the construction, losing 2 sets of diamond armor
  • Over two stacks of diamond are held at this base
  • At one time, this base held 9 sets of extra diamond armor
  • Moonshroom Base holds an estimated 80% of all the enderpearls in chaos