Luster joined the server around 1.5 and mainly hung out in the Chaos world as most untrusted players do. After being promoted to admin moderator (by the almighty ASN), he kept the server clean of X-rayers and cheaters alike with his friends beside him, Siilis108 and Greed.  His first encounters on the Chaos world was KatNotDinner, becoming quick companions in pillaging the nearby player bases.

In the time of 1.6.6, while maintaining Birchills, he was met with DustMako, associated with the immense art of X-ray and easily provoked the moderators at the time. Luster and friends not only had to deal with unstoppable griefing, but he also had to prove to ASN that he was capable of being [Moderator]. And the legend continues...

Current StateEdit

We don't know Luster's whereabouts anymore and he's rarely joined the server since early 2014. However legend has it that Luster may come back, when he gets a new hamster.

  • Some say he continues to upvote the server
  • Some say he looks on the Reddit page

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