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Heya! I'm a birdy! At least I think I am. Anyway, some random info...

Chaos 1.1Edit

I was in the ASN vs Gloover war by name only and was allies with MrGloover. Instead, I mostly derped around on my island and made my farms and a cannon and such. I was also banned for a short time (and self-banned for a few weeks) for discovering and exploiting a duplication glitch, allowing me to get a bunch of diamond armors and becoming the target for attack by many because of the diamonds. The Cowmen Clan attacked the island relentlessly.

Chaos 1.2.5Edit

Feny is the leader of the fairy clan (fey). We don't have a very high KDR, but that's not the point. The point is to have fun like those little fairies. I also created a design for a minibase that includes all necessities for combat, up to and including a 50-level enchanter and a brewery and is 7x5x2. You can see it at Chaos' center: near 40, 40.


Feny is a member of Fort Ferrum and owns a shop and a room in the Groggy Angel in Elysium.