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04 Sep 2011

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13 Dec 2011

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Drachot (Josip Turić) comes from Croatia, he has joined server on 4th of September, 2011 as CroBuilder.

Six days later (10th of September) he has changed his username to Drachot.

On 13th of December, 2011 Drachot has been promoted to Moderator.

He started a town in Towns called Elysium with Raichu4u, who then griefed it and got banned.

Drachot started rebuilding it with Hitsuharu and Omega_z. Elysium, which was started as a tower with a platform on top of it.

Soon the tower and platform have been brought down and Elysium as we know today has started making it's current shape.

Drachot also hosted a radio show on server's TeamSpeak channel

He also sang The Beatles - All My Loving on Teamspeak once.