The National Flag of Damogran. Also can be found in all towns affiliated with Damogran.

The Nation of Damogran Edit

Initially known as Stone Island, the island was settled in the first day of the new world in December 2013 and named Vault due to it's initial headquarters being sealed underground. Later the largely sea port town was renamed Damogran, after a port mentioned in a certain well known intergalactic travelling guide. The island is extremely mountainous with intermittent valleys. A quiet and peaceful town, it is located far from most other towns in the world.

So far it is a non-expansive town, due to the large portions of undeveloped land remaining upon the island. Despite this, a large portion of building materials have been seen being shipped through to Bethselamin.

The occasional expedition has only collected resources vital to the progess of the town, apart from one expedition which stumbled upon an isolated Testificate commune. The commune contains resources valuble to Damogran, and hence was set under siege. After little resistance, the commune was occupied and made to swear alliegience to Damogran. The commune was thereafter known as the village of 'Rivet' and pays a monthly tithe.

Minor Towns Edit


Rivet Edit

As mentioned above, Rivet is a Testificate commume which was annexed into Damogran during the beginning of the current world. The villagers exchange farmed and crafted goods for protection from hostile mobs. Rivet is located across the long sea from Damogran.




Glacier Edit

Part of a long-distance expedition into the colder regions of the South-Eastern world found an area isolated by extreme ice formations. A camp was set up there and is gradually transforming into a settlement resisting the hard climate.



Doomskull Edit

Location: Somewhere in the North-West quadrant of the known world.

Function/history: Unknown.


General Information about the CapitalEdit


The Capital's Local Flag

Town leader: Legopad

Currently Legopad is the sole builder upon the island. Damogran has the whole island claimed and future plans are to develop the entire island into a formidable island-fortress. A full map of the island can be viewed inside the warp vault.


Warps Edit

'stone_island' - Damogran managed to obtain the first discover warp in the new survival world. This was the stone_island warp. However, it is recommended to use other warps on the island as this warp's courtyard is known to be frequented by undesirable mobs.

'Vault' - The central warp for the first developed area of the island inside the underground vault. It is 97% safe from mob incursions.


Noteable Buildings Edit

The main dock is situated underneath a large bridge which is unmissable to anyone embarked upon approaching boats.

The Founder's Courtyard is overlooked by a dragon flanked by two (currently one, the other is under sculpting..) statues of ancient warriors, dedicated to those lost through the End portal during the Great End Battle, never to return.

The sanctum for the 'Vault' warp plate is located through a piston door off the Founder's Courtyard and houses a beacon (believed to be the only beacon in the world).

Damogran's farms are also located off the courtyard, in a distinctive wooden outcrop from the hill slopes beyond. The green tinted windows provide the worst possible growing conditions for plants inside, yet by some kind of magic they grow anyway....

A circular ancient ruin is located beyond the warp sanctum, and is planned for redevelopment some day. Conspiracy theorists believe this was once an ancient summoning site for a dangerous three-headed creature.

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