Moderators are normal players, but they have a few extra permissions, to keep the server in order.

Moderator Commands / RulesEdit

Command Description
/ekick username reason For people that, for example, spawn camp.
/eban username reason For repeat spawn campers / spammers / people who refuse to read the wiki / people who are beyond help.
/eban username reason time Bans a person for a set amount of time (in minutes). To be used for minor offenses.
/eunban username For people you ban accidentally.
/ebaninfo username For info on if / why someone is banned.
/elistbans Lists bans, with the most recent at the bottom of the list. (Will fill screen)
  • Dont ban people that annoy you personally (killing you etc), or modders / xrayers (leave that to admins).
  • Note: Usernames are case sensitive (eg notquiterambo would ban notquiterambo, not NotQuiteRambo).
  • Please provide reasons for kicks and bans.

Useful LinksEdit

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