Brynhildr is located in the Ginnungagap(also know as the end),The Ginnungagap floats in the void and is deprived of any sense of time or space.


The Ginnungagap is homeland to Interdimensional beings called the "Vāetr", They don't seem to be hostile towards humans as the island also seems to inhabit humans that have traveled to there dimension.

Humans do not age in the Ginnungagap, as it seem to be frozen in time which doesn't allow  any entropy to take place.

The apearance of "vāetr" is a big mystery, they appear to be made of nothing and are only visible to humans because of there armor.

The only distinct feature they seem to have is there eyes, wich have a unnatural black color.

They seem to be immortal, or to not exists at all in the first place.

This information is gotten from an old book at barbados, little more is know about the existence of the "Vāetr" and there homeland in The Ginnungaga.


In the beginning there was yet no lore...

Members and HierarchyEdit

  • Xeniqs : Founder.
  • Ragdoll139 : Supporting Builder


  • "EndPortal" : Warp at the location of the end portal in the overworld.
  • "Brynhildr" : Main town warp.


To be include: Multiple screenshots of the town and its features, also include screenshots of dynmap as overview map.

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