Western Bethselamin as of 08/08/14.


The Flag of Bethselamin

A town in Survival, managed by Ragdoll139. Founded December 2013 at the start of the new world.


Bethselamin was originally planned to be built on an island in the North-East of the new map. On the way to the prospective location, Ragdoll found some cool mountains and thought they would be more suitable for his town. Also, they weren't so darned far away.

Aesthetic ThemesEdit

The theme of the town was originally planned to be similar to that of Magrathea in towns, another of Ragdoll's builds, but with different colours. After experimenting with colours (just say no, kids!) he decided to keep the previous blue and white colours with the Swooping Eagle motif. Most of Bethselamin is built above ground with stone materials, primarily stonebricks. Dark wood is also used for details around the town. Some of the districts around Bethselamin have slight variations in key materials.


Bethselamin is currently expected to consist of 5 districts based on a x-shaped area of land towards the North-East of the map.


The DiscoverWarp in Eagle Tower and Bethselamin Cathedral.

  • Bethselamin: Currently sharing it's name with the town as a whole, the western arm of Bethselamin town is situated on a mountainous land-bridge through the middle of a large sea. It was the first area to be founded and holds the town's main discover warp. Buildings are generally stonebrick tower-based structures.

A view of Northpeak, surrounded by desert.

  • Northpeak: The second district to be founded. Most of the work so far has been done by Randomcode9. It uses lots of dark wood and tall windows facing the desert. Home of the Civil Gourd, a snow golem wrapped in a pun that nobody seems to get...

    Østliege under development.

  • Østliege: The third district to be be started, primarily by Thorowin. Known planned features include a "big-ass wall". Ragdoll hasn't seen it in a while, as he keeps being an idiot and dying on the journey. Silly Ragdoll.

Pre-development Merevir stretches into the mountains.

  • Merevir: As of 08/08/14 no work has been carried out in the Southern district. It has been given the working name "Merevir".
  • Central District: Planned to be be the largest and busiest of the districts upon eventual completion. Work has not yet been started. It may be called "Ipsum".


Since founding the town, Ragdoll's aim has been to create a large themed town that encourages community building. Most builds are large-scale and are aimed to all be joined seamlessly as the town progresses. Building by other skilled players is greatly welcomed, as it provides a speed and variation that allows the town to develop quickly.

Members and RolesEdit


  • Ragdoll139 - Founder and planner, slowly building the dw area. Town owner
  • Thorowin - Building in the eastern district of Østliege
  • Legopad - Prolific builder around western Bethselamin.
  • Nsf psycho - Trap builder, and "defense advisor". Murderous nutcase. Will build traps once surface building is completed.
  • 123Kyran123 - Librarian and builder, working on a sorting system.



Bethselamin is always recruiting. If you want to join, make sure you have shown a compentent build somewhere on the server, and let Ragdoll know. We want as many builders as possible, so please get in touch.

Building rulesEdit

For everyone building in Bethselamin:Edit

  • Always try to focus on the key materials: Mostly stonebrick; for wood accents, use a dark wood; detail colours are blue (lapis lazuli blocks and light blue wool)  and white (quartz)
  • The default motif or logo is a swooping eagle, ask Ragdoll if you need to see the template. Do not build other icons without asking Ragdoll, please.
  • Do not build in unallocated areas. If one of the leaders hasn't told you to build there, wait. There is a masterplan, so we can fit your build somewhere.
  • If you want a new spot, ask Ragdoll. Building rules aren't too strict, as long as the theme is maintained.
  • We have plans and allocated space for most types of building. Explain what you want to build, and we'll find a place to build it!
  • Any questions? Ask Rag. Simples.


We intend to make a collection of towns, sharing the Eagle motif, but with different materials, across the map. All towns will share the logo, but will mostly be free to follow any design rules they wish. If you would like to found one of these new towns, let a leader know.

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