Plan of the Alliance Underground

Started in the survival era of the Towns map, the Alliance Underground is a mostly subterranean rail network connecting many towns in the map. The overall plan has been set out by Ragdoll139, who has also done much of the construction of the line. There are currently 7 different lines planned, each with a different name and colour:

  • Blue: Automatic Subway Nexus – Yes, it’s an ASN pun. The line goes from East to West across the centre of Towns, terminating at Elliott and Kallheim.
  • Purple: Imperial Line – The longest route on the map. Planned terminus stations are Snowcap and Willimantic. Covers most of the map in a long ‘S’ shape.
  • Green: Italian Line – Ranging from the Northwest of the map to the Southeast. Terminus stations are Fort Ferrum and Elysium. Named after the first country to be entirely banned from the server.
  • Yellow: Notch Line – A circular route in the mid-North. Named after a little known games developer.
  • Red: Thin Red Line – An irregularly-shaped line around a number of towns in the far south. Yes, a WWII film reference.
  • Orange: Ihavethecane – A short line running East-West from Portside to Willimantic. This might get built eventually. The origin of the name has been mostly forgotten, but it was probably funny at the time.
  • Black: Sweetcaro Line – Try not singing on this line. Runs from North-South along the mid-West of the map, from the Form Ferrum to the Monastery.